The perfect girl’s gift guide

Diamonds are the girl’s best friends. No doubt about that but what if a shiny stone is not always the most convenient option? Read below what are the all-time favourites for the most special girl! 


When the birthday, anniversary, or a life-time achievement arrives, always make sure that you have a little box inside your ‘gift cupboard’ to hand out and to congratulate the lucky one. Only give presents which spark joy and which you would love to receive yourself. Some ideas for the content of these little boxes are, not surprisingly, jewels. If you go the extra mile and instead of regular accessory choose to visit the jewellery shop, make sure that you know whether the receiver prefers gold or silver. You do not want to spend a fortune on something that will never be worn!

“Only give presents which spark joy.”

Alongside a shiny gem, it is a good idea to give something that will last and be loved for an extended period of time. Such is the case with a book, a perfume, or a phone case. If you are feeling brave, you can also pick a pair of high heels (check the wearer’s size with a friend/relative before purchase). These are the more practical presents that can be worn to death. On the contrary, a short-lived gifts will can also spark a lot of joy and be enjoyed every day of their short lifespan. A bouquet! Need I say more? Finally, add a personal touch with a funny photograph and a hand-written card.


Congratulations, my lovely!

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