Finally, another blog post

I have been putting my blog on hold for a while. Being busy with university tasks, finding ways to do multiple jobs and, for most, deciding on how to rebrand my blog. Excuses came first, actions second, and so I took a proper couple of months till I finally kicked my butt and realised that no one ain’t do this for me. Here is what I learnt and why it took so long to get back on the blogging track. But now, I ain’t going nowhere (and no more ain’ts, I promise!)

Along the way of my career development, I participated in various projects, including marketing strategy, web design and social media planning. All of these helped me gained valuable experience in realising what it is I really want to do. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I forgot why I first started blogging and also how much good vibes and energy it is giving me. It is not many, but there are some people who recognise my work and feed back on what I do. Every little ‘well done’ gives strength and courage to carry on. And so, here I am, getting my fingers back on the keyboard, editing images, describing stories, sharing new experiences through my eye lens.

I have written quite a few posts on blogging – why I do it, what it gives me, but I never written on why I stopped. First, I do not want to come up with ruthless excuses. To stop doing what I love was painful, mostly for me rather than anybody else, but I got back. Whilst typing, I finally realise how much I missed it. The nervous tension of not making any sense out of what I write, the desperate efforts of trying to match the text to the pictures, the impatient checking of the readability status every time I publish a post. Hell, I missed this!

Blogging enables me to share stories with people I do not normally reach out to. I write because I feel the urge to share … anything. Selfish, you might say. Yes. But it is also incredibly rewarding, educating and often inspiring. Sometimes I dream of having thousands of people reading my stories, and then I realise – even if there is days when not a singly person hits the blog, the energy is not wasted. It is the people who do click ‘read’ and, for most, the ones who tell you ‘well done’ that count. These bright sparks keep me going and encourage me to persist doing what I love the most. [CZECH]

Thank you for sharing you love and reading my story. Trust me, your time has not been wasted, and if you think so, let me know, because I believe that criticism is the only way to move forward. Bis bald, à bientôt, bye, ahoj. The world is your oyster. Let’s explore it together. CHECK.


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