A Day in Bremen, Germany

Bremen is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to choosing a weekend getaway. However, with a bit of history, a bit of gastronomy, and a lot of great company, it can become the perfect place where to escape (maybe this bank holiday).

Bremen is only 1.5h-flight away and from the airport it takes less than 20min to get to the city centre. What a dream, coming from London. Bremen has beautiful churches, historical Rathaus, and multiple extremely likeable breweries. It is also a short journey from Hamburg where one gets overwhelmed by the choice of sights to see, artisan coffees to try and harbour’s views to admire. Nevertheless, Bremen still won me over, not least because my amazing friend lives there!

Bremen Town Hall
Bremen City Hall
Bremen Cathedral
Bremen Square
German Tram

The cutest part of the German city is without a doubt the Schnoor Viertel. It is a collection of narrow streets completed with vibrant colours all over the facades and front doors. I enjoyed the feeling of getting lost any second and discovering more and more new places and hidden streets. Among one of those I found my dream home, so it feels like one day I will return!

Bremen is also adorable by its size. It feels small and is walkable within a day, yet with its 550k inhabitants it qualifies as a city. Another reason to love this place. It has the same population as my home town, Brno. And believe it or not, after only a few days spent there, I started bumping into the same people I already saw. Village, we call it! 

“Schnoor: a collection of narrow streets completed with vibrant colours all over “

From Spanish live music and tapas to proper German beer and sausages, Bremen has it all and shows it in a much nicer and welcoming manner than any of its large German counterparts. Furthermore, it is in a convenient distance and it houses my best friend. No more reasons needed to discover this hidden pearl of the Northern region.

Schnoor Viertel
Schnoor District
Dream home with a balcony
Posing in Schnoor
Can I live here?
Narrow streets of Schnoor
Tschüß Deutschland!

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