Harry, Do You? (The Royal Wedding Edit)

And so it ends. The moment the whole Commonwealth has been waiting for has arrived. The beautiful American, a former actress, married the cute ginger, a former Prince.  Yesterday, the two became Duke and Duchess of Sussex and, although heartbroken, I join the billion-plus crowd in wishing them all the best. 

I will, Harry said. And that was the moment when it all ended. There might have been an occasional tear having the first glimpse of the bride from inside the Royal Rolls-Royce, but it all fully kicked in only when he looked her in the eyes and promised her to be hers forever.

Harry is a hero. Meghan is beautiful and will surely be him a great partner (in crime? They wish!). Sadly, I am one of the many hundreds of thousands of silly girls crying with tears not always of happiness. The prince was the reason I fell in love with the UK. Yes, he was the youngest but also the most fun member of the Royal family. Being brought up by a mother adoring princess Diana, it was no surprise that I fell in love with the one who reminds of her the most, her son and now the Duke of Sussex, Harry.

And so it ends, the pictures have been taken, the corks have been popped, everybody is happily celebrating and I am finally drying my tears. Let’s face it, it would have not worked anyway. Just a few points to justify:

  • you’re a foreigner from a non-English speaking country
  • you’re a student with no major achievements to put on your CV
  • you’re success-driven and have big plans for your career
  • you’re in love with your freedom and independence
  • you’re a decade younger than him (and he obviously favors older women)
  • you’re now motivated even more to work hard to meet him one day and congratulate his wonderful wife, the Duchess of Sussex.

All in all, I guess this wedding was a good thing. It brought some American features into the rigid British church and introduces variety and inclusivity at a small scale. Windsor, I congratulate you. You have been a beautiful location to host this history-making event.

Although predominantly sad, I am also very happy that Prince Harry found the love of his life with whom he will live happily ever after. He gives me hope that age does not define when is the right time to meet the one. 33 is a great number! Let’s pray for that and, most and for all, for them!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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