PRIDE 2018

Love is love and nothing in the world can change it. 


Being a part of a pulsing crowd is transformational. Everybody smiling, everybody sharing their happiness, everybody welcoming everyone. At Pride, love is all that matters, regardless of colours, genders, ages or anything else. Although many say ‘yes, I support same-sex relationships’, when it comes to action, some tend to shut up and stay silent. Not at PRIDE! 

Pride represents an open mind. Furthermore, it brings together people and allows them to support, express and fight for a common cause. On Saturday, 7th of July, Pride came upon London like an avalanche. Without a warning, all streets in the city centre suddenly became filled with joy, peace and love. One surely regrets that this celebration happens (at that scale) only once a year. 

And so we went. Surrounded by everyone who cares for anyone, putting colour, glitter and smile on their faces and keeping it on well after the sun went down. We all shined from within. I have never seen some many encouraging faces, so many individuals who each and every single one of looked unique and beautiful. Pride made me realise, we all belong together, we love one another.

Being a silent supporter, Pride not only taught me how to deal with being hit on by a girl, it also showed me how to respond to unusual situations and smile instead of stare. Love is a beautiful emotion and once it is celebrated, it enters one’s soul. 

Being free of all worries, anxieties and issues, I caught myself fully relaxed, letting go of all the daily worries and having an aching face from all the smiling and cheering. Pride made me realise how narrow-minded some countries, communities and couples can be but also, more importantly, how strong, proactive and unafraid others countries, communities and couples are.

Seeing the support of hundreds of leading British businesses shows that people do care, and not exactly on a small scale. Love is love and we should all be a proud part of it! Thank you, London, for bringing the celebration of love to the UK’s streets. 


*none of these images has been edited as today we celebrated reality the way it truly is

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