Summer Is Over: Remember the Past & Enjoy the Future

The long summer nights have passed, the temperature has dropped down, the boots and jackets have entered the streets. As the evening chill creeps in and autumn officially kicks off, I start replaying all the beautiful memories I made over the past couple of months. With a smile on my face, I realise, the summer holidays are over.img_1666-e1537990303184.jpgThis holiday felt longer and more meaningful than the many previous ones. Not only because they took me to places I have never been to before. Travelling across Europe also allowed me to gain a new comparison of various cultures and get closer to the people I was travelling with. From parents to friends, I have had multiple conversations with those I love the most (but with whom I have not been in this kind of situation before). This helped me find new perspectives and contributed to the redefinition of my goals and values.

Travelling, once again, has proved as an invaluable source of inspiration and I am sorry to be taking a break from it in the upcoming weeks. I will still try, however, to make the most of where I am right now – London, UK. Whoever says that Croatia, Denmark or Italy overshadows England in its beauty is a lier. I insist on planning a few short getaways to Bath, Brighton and maybe some other cities (beginning with a ‘B’) to discover the UK’s tourist offerings.

DSC04287IMG_1664DSC04292img_1688.jpgThis summer, I experienced a lot of firsts – first boating holiday, first Scandinavia visit, first holiday with my best friend. I made so many memories in places I have only dreamt of visiting. I try to share as much as I can with you but there always have to be some secrets to be kept. What the holidays made me realise was, that it is not important where you go but who you are with because you can recreate a nice and fun atmosphere absolutely anywhere in the world.

I am grateful for having the chance to visit many European countries this summer. But foremost, I am grateful for the great company I could share this time with. Hope you, too, enjoyed your holidays and are replaying the memories in your head. For now, I will praise the changing colours of the leaves and dig out my favourite scarf from the storage to keep me warm during these chilly autumn evenings.

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