The Future Starts Here: The Design Object of Tomorrow

The V&A’s exhibition presents the latest projects, designs and events that are shaping our society right now. For the UAL’s project ‘(Dis)connected Lives’, I have curated a selection of objects which, I believe, are the feasible trends of our near future, focusing mainly on the parliament of a stateless community.  The 100 objects cover the latest developments in four major areas – home, public, planetary … Continue reading The Future Starts Here: The Design Object of Tomorrow

Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)

It can change lives, it can re-write history, it can capture a story, it can inspire and let free. It can be torn into pieces and taped back together. One thing print cannot do is to be forgotten. Print has played a key role in the communication world for centuries and the Somerset House is only one of the many institutions who are determined to … Continue reading Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)

Serpentine Pavilion 2018

It’s a girl. Finally, in its 18-years-long history, the Serpentine Pavilion was finally designed by another woman! Surprisingly, the first architect to introduce the tradition of the Serpentine pavilions was also female, the legendary Zaha Hadid, but has ever since been followed by a strong lead of men, from Sou Fujimoto (2013) to Bjarke Ingels (2016) and Francis Kéré last year (read my review here).  … Continue reading Serpentine Pavilion 2018

So Picasso… 1932: Love, Fame and Tragedy (exhibition review)

Picasso, his collection of artworks produced, finished or left incomplete in 1932. A breath-taking journey undertaken by one of the greatest artists of all time.  How much is a year in a man’s life? For some, it might mean completing a year of education, maybe finished with a diploma, for some it might mean entering a new life stage, maybe accompanied with a ring, for … Continue reading So Picasso… 1932: Love, Fame and Tragedy (exhibition review)

Hallelujah, Alaïa! High Fashion at the Design Museum

What a fantastic installation! Exhibitions often fail to impress me (like Balenciaga) but when they succeed, they are unforgettable. Such was the case with Azzedine Alaïa: The Courtier currently at the London’s Design Museum.  Frankly, as a failed couture-enthusiast, I have never followed the Maison Alaïa. Other courtiers came first and thus when deciding whether to attend this exhibition, I was unsure. Advice to any hesitant as me? … Continue reading Hallelujah, Alaïa! High Fashion at the Design Museum

Chisenhale Gallery: NO SHOW

How would it feel if there was no text in this post? Strange? Weird? Empty, to say the least. Such exact feeling did I receive from visiting the Chisenhale Gallery. There is currently Paul Maheke’s A Fire Circle for a Public Hearing on, however, when our class visited the venue, it was dead, turned off. So, what can one learn from attending a performative exhibition … Continue reading Chisenhale Gallery: NO SHOW

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion, couturier X curator

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion describes the couturier’s story and his impact on the fashion world. It shows the key influences on the designer’s work. It celebrates the Spanish icon’s achievements by showing other designers’ works influenced by him. Yet, the exhibition failed to communicate the artist’s personality and his nature. Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion is an emotionless display of garments created by some beautifully gifted men. Balenciaga’s Spanish origin … Continue reading Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion, couturier X curator