The Future Starts Here: The Design Object of Tomorrow

The V&A’s exhibition presents the latest projects, designs and events that are shaping our society right now. For the UAL’s project ‘(Dis)connected Lives’, I have curated a selection of objects which, I believe, are the feasible trends of our near future, focusing mainly on the parliament of a stateless community.  The 100 objects cover the latest developments in four major areas – home, public, planetary … Continue reading The Future Starts Here: The Design Object of Tomorrow

On Satisfaction: Exploring Why Does ‘why’ Matter

If you are willing to start a company, you should ask yourself why. If you are going to write an essay, you should be clear on what it should help you achieve. If you are going to join a protest, you should know why you are doing so prior to taking an action. For me, why was always the key question in understanding everything I did. … Continue reading On Satisfaction: Exploring Why Does ‘why’ Matter

Italian Ladies: Well Groomed or Under Pressure?

Italian women are the synonym for beauty. They invest time and effort into looking and feeling good. At least that is what it looks like. But when you look under the surface, the choices they make are less voluntary and more forced onto them by the society. But does that necessarily have to be wrong?  I have arrived in Italy after having spent a week … Continue reading Italian Ladies: Well Groomed or Under Pressure?

PRIDE 2018

Love is love and nothing in the world can change it.  Being a part of a pulsing crowd is transformational. Everybody smiling, everybody sharing their happiness, everybody welcoming everyone. At Pride, love is all that matters, regardless of colours, genders, ages or anything else. Although many say ‘yes, I support same-sex relationships’, when it comes to action, some tend to shut up and stay silent. … Continue reading PRIDE 2018

Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)

It can change lives, it can re-write history, it can capture a story, it can inspire and let free. It can be torn into pieces and taped back together. One thing print cannot do is to be forgotten. Print has played a key role in the communication world for centuries and the Somerset House is only one of the many institutions who are determined to … Continue reading Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)

Serpentine Pavilion 2018

It’s a girl. Finally, in its 18-years-long history, the Serpentine Pavilion was finally designed by another woman! Surprisingly, the first architect to introduce the tradition of the Serpentine pavilions was also female, the legendary Zaha Hadid, but has ever since been followed by a strong lead of men, from Sou Fujimoto (2013) to Bjarke Ingels (2016) and Francis Kéré last year (read my review here).  … Continue reading Serpentine Pavilion 2018