(More Than) Insta-perfect Bath Spa

Bath is a popular British travel destination, especially for many brides and grooms-to-be who come here to celebrate their last days of freedom. A wide selection of high-end dining and luxury shopping explains why one apartment in Bath costs as much as all flats in Somerset combined.  Bath is famous for its Roman baths and UNESCO-protected architecture of white stones but what I love the … Continue reading (More Than) Insta-perfect Bath Spa

Croatia by Boat: My First Holidays on the Sea

Sun in the hair, salt in the air, glittering seaside and a swinging boat. A concept I would be scared of a couple of months ago – but then I thought, why not! Free of all worries and roasted by the sun, I realised that a boating holiday can be both, wonderful and worrying. A boat, a bunch of friends and a few wild thoughts in the middle. Continue reading Croatia by Boat: My First Holidays on the Sea

5 National Parks in 5 Days, Naturally

Blue sky, crisp air and empty head. These are the reasons I love to travel, especially if it includes zero make-up, no heels and a loyal partner-in-crime. Maybe surprisingly, hiking, camping and outing is my ideal summer getaway, and on top, in Slovakia, one does not need to overcome any language barriers. And so we rented a camping car and conquered five national parks in … Continue reading 5 National Parks in 5 Days, Naturally

Copenhagen: How I see it

Copenhagen is fun. It is all you would expect from Amsterdam, less the weed, plus the design. The Danish capital is as pricey as London, yet it lacks the reputation of a metropolis, instead, it feels very friendly and welcoming. From the Design Museum to the Rosenborg Castle, in Copenhagen, everyone can find what they are most interested in… and wash it down with some … Continue reading Copenhagen: How I see it

The British Restaurant Celebrating the Art of Eating

The Shed brings a celebration of the British seasonal wild food right to our tables. Located on the edge of Hyde Park, right behind the Czech Embassy, it is a hidden gem every Londoner should try.  In Czech, we have a saying that love goes through the stomach. The Brits believe that a way to a man’s heart if through his stomach. Well, I am … Continue reading The British Restaurant Celebrating the Art of Eating