The Gains & Pains of Freelancing

Freelancing is fun! Is gives you freedom, flexibility but is also awfully exhausting. With the boom of flexible working patterns, freelancing is a massive trend now. It provides a colourful alternative to the typical 9 to 5 day. Here is what I know and wish I knew when I landed my first freelance job.  Trying out freelance was a gamble. I has the ideal of … Continue reading The Gains & Pains of Freelancing

The British Restaurant Celebrating the Art of Eating

The Shed brings a celebration of the British seasonal wild food right to our tables. Located on the edge of Hyde Park, right behind the Czech Embassy, it is a hidden gem every Londoner should try.  In Czech, we have a saying that love goes through the stomach. The Brits believe that a way to a man’s heart if through his stomach. Well, I am … Continue reading The British Restaurant Celebrating the Art of Eating

London Hideaway: Pergola & Hill Garden

The Pergola and Hill Garden in the Hempstead Heath is something I would never expect in the whole of London, leave alone a posh part where everything is presumably guarded under a lock. But not the pergola! This place is opened to public, free to enter and, let me add, a must if you are living in London and are getting somehow bored of the … Continue reading London Hideaway: Pergola & Hill Garden

Beautiful French memorials

With the Remembrance Day (11/11 in the UK) fast approaching, I decided to share an unusual tip on how to alternate  your regular travels and pay respect to our predecessors  This one I explored in the French countryside but you can find it almost anywhere in Europe. War cemeteries are places for reflection and realisation that only thanks to those we got to the stage we … Continue reading Beautiful French memorials

The perfect girl’s gift guide

Diamonds are the girl’s best friends. No doubt about that but what if a shiny stone is not always the most convenient option? Read below what are the all-time favourites for the most special girl!  When the birthday, anniversary, or a life-time achievement arrives, always make sure that you have a little box inside your ‘gift cupboard’ to hand out and to congratulate the lucky … Continue reading The perfect girl’s gift guide